Raphael Boamah-Asare is a British cinematographer and photographer known for his raw, narrative realism work in film, television and online publications.

During his time at film school, Raphael lensed short films such as When The Pile Is Crooked... (nominated for Best Drama), Doll Factory, and the Channel 4 news documentary Why Does My Granny Stereotype Me, which screened across the UK, Europe and North America, and received press coverage from national news publications.

Upon graduation, Raphael leaned into his photography between filming projects, blending reportage with portraiture shooting styles, collaborating with independent brands who want to push the boundaries and creative individuals who feature in his many portrait series.

Early 2021 saw Doll Factory's release premiered on Amazon Prime, marking Raphael's debut feature credit as a cinematographer

Available worldwide for film and photography commissions.

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